New Partners

New Partners

We have been delighted to welcome so many new partners to our network over the years. We have asked some of our partners to share their thoughts after joining our network;

Gianni Gentili / Intertour Chile

In the travel industry’s so competitive environment we realized that we had a competitive disadvantage when trying to compete with other travel agencies that made part of global networks. For this reason we began our search for a global network that could help us be more competitive in the local market and also help us grow. We came across ATPI, thanks to some friends from the industry in Europe, which is a very strong global network in other regions of the world but coincidentally was looking to grow their presence in Latin America. We believe it was a perfect match and perfect timing for us.

Our experience since we became partners with ATPI has been an amazing ride since we have felt welcomed from day one and instantly part of a big a family. The Global conference was a great opportunity to get to know the entire team in home office and meet with other partners from around the world. Also, the conference allowed us to see the new technologies ATPI is working on and understand better the vision that the company has towards the future.  We are looking forward to what the future has bestowed for us together with ATPI.

Damjan Ivanovic / FlyFly Travel Serbia

“We decided to join the ATPI network because we recently entered the arena of corporate travel and have become a regional agency. We wanted to have a strong partner with experience and expertise in that field. We are quite excited with what we have seen and heard so far and we are certain that our partnership has great potential. We expect that ATPI’s technical solutions and 'know how' in dealing with corporate clients will help us grow and improve quality of our services. The Conference in Amsterdam gave us the opportunity to gain more knowledge about above mentioned benefits, and absorb the strategy and direction in which ATPI as global network is heading. It also gave us the  chance to meet a lot of people from ATPI, with whom we hope to have a productive cooperation in the years to come. Because we are eager for this mutual potential to materialize as soon as possible, we would like to see the integration process move as fast as possible by introducing technical solutions into Fly Fly Travel systems and training for our staff to enable them to use all the systems that ATPI has to offer.”

Hammad Rinch / Shirazi Travels Pakistan

"We find the ATPI team very responsive and their continuous support is just the network culture we were looking for. Being a part of ATPI network has not only helped us achieve a global place in the travel market, but has also given access to varied specialist services benefiting Shirazi Travels with a competitive advantage in our local travel industry."

Sabrina Mendoza Bull / Copastur Brazil

“We have been an ATPI partner for a number of years now and we are very happy to be part of this network. A couple of years ago Peter Bost approached us to become partner as ATPI was close to winning a client-contract that required local servicing in Brazil. Funny enough, after signing the agreement the prospected client informed us they were bought by another company and were told to follow their new owners in their travel-contract. Since then we have won and set up quite a number of shared clients so the partner-ship worked out very well. The most tangible example of how being a partner of ATPI has been a benefit is the setup of our office in Rio. We had to hire and train staff in about 40 days and I can say it was a complete case of team work together with ATPI. We could not have done this without the help of people like Pippa who was our mentor in the oil and gas segment, Paul Flight who came to Brazil with Gary Hance to help us with systems and the marine fares. We learned a lot about the systems and even about our own business as well. I couldn’t say that this was not a success story, could I? I thank the ATPI team for all the years we are working together and for all we have learned.”