ATPI Analytics

During the conference in Berlin the first impressions of ATPI Analytics have been presented as our new tool for Management Reporting. We can now inform you that roll out of 

ATPI Analytics is one of the main goals for 2016. This new tool will offer clients a complete and instant view on all their travel data. It is built as an intuitive web-based platform, with interactive graphics to support the analysis of the underlying information. ATPI Analytics enables the user to drill through data and find answers to queries instantly without having to go through large amounts of data on spreadsheets. This will improve the way data can be converted into actions to support the client’s travel performance. As in the current situation, ATPI Analytics will be able to integrate 3rd party data into the database.

The project team is now reaching the stages of roll out on a country by country basis. Q&A documents have been developed and will be updated during the roll out process. The MI-team will reach out to you in due time. If you have any questions you can send an email to: