A case study | New business won through joint approach

By Peter Stutz, bta first

About 8 years ago our client Partners Group in Switzerland decided to move their business travel to a competitor based on their international requirements. Of course we stayed in touch with them and when we announced that BTA First was thinking of joining ATPI’s international network they were very interested.  Soon after we decided to become an ATPI partner we explained the benefits to Partners Group and we were invited to send a proposal and discuss options in a meeting in Switzerland. Michel Habich from the Network Partner Team joined us in the meeting and together we were able to convince them that ATPI was the right partner for them! Areas like consolidated MI, global fare options and most of all our client-focused approach were the most important reasons for them to enter a partnership with ATPI.

Partners Group is a global private market investment company with over EUR 42 billion in investment programs under management in private equity, private debt, private real estate and private infrastructure. Partners Group is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland and has 18 offices around the globe. The firm employs over 780 people and is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange with a major ownership by its Partners and all employees and is invested in more than 7‘000 privately held assets.


Travel for Partners Group is currently managed with multiple TMC’s using multiple GDS’s. The company also runs an own travel office at their Zug headquarter, which is not only fulfilling tickets ex Switzerland but also those ex USA. Main challenges, Partners Group is facing with the facts that bookings cannot be accessed across different countries and that due to ticket fulfillment in Switzerland for travel originating in the US, not all fare content can be made available.

ATPI solution:

By offering a global travel program, based on three main ATPI servicing-hubs (US, Switzerland, Singapore), Partners Group is not only offered a true ‘follow-the-sun’ principle but also ensured that all bookings are accessible across all servicing countries. ATPI technology such as Availability abroad or FareViewer have also played a significant role to convince Partners Group that ATPI is the right choice for their future travel program.

Phase 1 of the roll-out is currently in progress, introducing US, followed by Asia and Switzerland  in Q2 2016. Global travel expenditure at Partners Group is currently at $8M.