Marketing and Re-branding

Following the Griffin acquisition and the implementation of the divisional structure Group Marketing has commenced to rebrand the business divisions. Under the new format our clients will be provided with even more sector expertise, a wider coverage of offices, increased buying power and further technological innovation. This expansion, together with a customized organizational structure, leads naturally to a new identity for our business.

The brand migration, which will be rolled out by all countries in June and July 2015, was presented at the ATPI Conference in Berlin. Both ATPI managing directors and Partners have received the plan as well as a full brand manual for local implementation.

The Marine, Shipping end Energy business will operate under the ATPI Griffinstone brand. Both the strong brands ATP Instone and Griffin are being continued in ATPI Griffinstone as they have proven their value as solid and recognizable identities. ATPI Corporate Travel has adopted the purple colour as their distinct identity. ATPI Event Experts has been identified as one of the pillars in the future success of the Group. ATPI Event Experts is divided in two new brands, ATPI Sports Events and ATPI Corporate Events


With this clear differentiation we aim to position the Events business as a global player with an aligned global strategy.

Partners can benefit from this new focus on Events and we will develop opportunities to work together more closely in the Network as DMCs and to distribute products. 

Short term, Sports Events will offer the opportunity to sell packages to the Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil in 2016 and the Rugby World Cup in the UK in October 2015. We will contact you soon with more information. 

The ATPI Brand Center and all relevant material can be found on Sharepoint. If you require login details to Sharepoint please contact your local IT team.

Make sure you visit the revised ATPI website that incorporates the latest changes:

The partner branding has also evolved to communicate more strongly to the market that the Partner companies are aligned with the international ATPI Group as members in the Network. This is important for existing and prospective customers to find and identify the ATPI Group’s global presence and capabilities while researching us on the internet.

Ultimately the Partners and network will benefit from the visibility we jointly create and the message we send out to the global market place.