Group Sales Information

Teekay Shipping and Teekay Petrojarl have signed a multi-national agreement with ATPI expanding their current partnership in the UK, the Philippines and India to Norway.

Prosafe Offshore was won back after losing them 2 years ago. The new contract includes Singapore, UK, Norway, Cyprus and Brazil

Japan Ship Management, a Tokyo based ship-management company has appointed us to service their China crew bookings. Also All Sea Offshore and Study Group have requested to service their travelers in South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

We have signed a new contract with Atlas Professionals covering the Netherlands, Brazil, Singapore, UK, Latvia, Norway, Russia, Cyprus and Ukraine at a total volume of approx.
€ 2.6M

We are currently involved in many more international bids some of which are in the final stages. We hope to bring you more positive news in our next newsletter.