Company information

Our network is growing constantly reaching a number as high as 51 countries today. To ensure all relevant information per location is displayed consistently and conveniently, all data is stored on SharePoint accessible to you. Items like contact-details, overview figures and available technology are displayed for your information and to assist you in your discussions with international clients.

The information can be found on SharePoint under company info; SharePoint – network – company info – select country and office

If you have questions or do not have access to this folder on SharePoint, please send an email to the Network Team at

Remember there’s also an ATPI Academy module dedicated to explaining the Network area of SharePoint, including how to navigate around Company Info and Business Development sections. This module is called “5 Network Site” and located under the SharePoint course, please contact if you do not already have access to the SharePoint course.



On Friday, January 29th our new partners in Turkey (TatilSepeti Kurumsal) and Poland (Grupa Travel) and our new Griffin colleagues from Italy and Latvia visited our office at Schiphol-Rijk in the Netherlands. Main goal was to meet  the Network Partner Team in person and discuss in more detail what being part of the ATPI Network is all about. In addition to learning more about ATPI, all partners and colleagues presented their local company as a new location within our international network. An excellent way to underpin our partnership and establish a good working relationship.

Miroslav Bohun/Grupa Travel Poland stated;

“This day was an excellent opportunity to learn more about ATPI and our co-partners and how we can mutually benefit from being a partner in the ATPI Network. We believe the cultural fit and excellent partner-strategy promise to be very beneficial to our company and made us feel very confident of our choice to become a partner in the ATPI Network”