Employee Tracking System

ATPI’s proprietary software - Employee Tracking System (ETS) will provide you with access to detailed pre-trip and en route travel data, enabling you to review traveller destinations and research security and health information on a case-by-case basis.

Should a security alert arise, ETS’ flight plan reports, passenger location reports and hotels reports identify travellers who are due to arrive in the affected country or are already in situ. Searches can be made by passenger, airline, flight, departure/arrival city, departure/arrival airport and country.

ETS also customises intelligence reports to travel, health & safety policy guidelines, security risks and health related issues. Bookings/changes are uploaded into the system within 30 minutes. The data is in real time, accessible 24/7.

ETS is accessed via a password protect URL or via a specially designed portal that we create on your behalf.

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