ATPI Traveller Tracking System™ - Traveller Safety

ATPI Traveller Tracking System™ enables you to track and monitor your travellers whereabouts and communicate with them when needed. From a simple follow up message to ensure they have arrived at their destination safely, to critical communication in a time of crisis, the system enables you to support your travellers.

The intuitive, graphical map of ATPI Traveller Tracking System™ shows you your traveller locations in conjunction with the various risk levels associated with their destinations. With one simple click you are able to review more detailed information such as traveller itineraries and communication information. A broad range of search filters make it very easy to create a bespoke overview of the travel data you require, whether that is by city, airport, risk level, traveller, flight, hotel or date range. Via the integrated email and SMS function, you can instantly reach out to (a selection of) your travellers, using prepopulated templates to ensure the speed you require in emergency situations.

ATPI Traveller Tracking System™ is available via desktop and mobile devices and puts you in the best place to support your business travellers duty of care needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your benefits

  • Compliance for your duty of care obligations
  • Peace of mind for travellers and management
  • Instant communication with travellers in case of an emergency
  • Detailed, easy to use and customisable information
  • Complete audit trail of all communications
  • Risk mitigation to avoid personal, financial and reputational damage
  • Globally available for all your locations, on a 24/7 basis
  • Affordable cost

Why use ATPI Corporate Travel?

We are global leaders in travel management, focused on delivering value driven specialist travel solutions. With over 1,600 business customers, including household names and major industrial players alike. We operate from over 100 offices worldwide, expanding to locations where our clients need us to be.

Our proven entrepreneurial spirit combined with unparalleled value and service to meet the evolving, unique and individual needs of our clients. Ensures you can focus on your operations knowing our staff will be there to support.

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