Travel documents

With an electronic ticket, all details are on the airline’s computer and no paper document is issued. You do not therefore need to collect anything at the airport. You just need to check in first before you go to the gate. Click here for further information about e-tickets.

Flight segments order
Tickets can be used only in the order in which the flights are listed on the ticket. In compliance with this order, you yourself as the traveller are responsible for a potential refusal when checking in, cancellation of other flights and/or compulsory surcharges.

Passports, visas, inoculations and advice on health issues
Travellers are themselves responsible at all times for the correct travel documents. The ATPI Corporate Travel consultants will be happy to advise you about the documents you need such as a valid passport or visa. You yourself need to notify us of all relevant information regarding your nationality or other details.

If you are travelling with children to the United States, they will need their own passport, even if they are on your own passport.

ATPI Corporate Travel cooperates with visa offices. On their site you can find the latest information and download application forms. Click here for the visa offices site.


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