Destination China

The Chinese government has set up a new regulation with immediate effect concerning the issuing of (e-)tickets. The regulation is intended as an extra security measure and should speed up the check-in procedure at airports. As from today, the following details must be stated on the reservation:

  • type of passport
  • passport number
  • passenger’s nationality
  • country in which the passport was issued
  • passenger’s date of birth
  • passport’s expiry date

Internet check-in
Various airlines provide the opportunity to check in on the Internet in advance. We would strongly advise you to make use of it. This reduces the risk to you in the event of overbooking. The ATPI Corporate Travel consultants can also arrange this for you (on payment of a handling fee). Contact your booking office to pass on your passport details for this.

Internet check-in for KLM flights
If you want to check in online for a KLM flight, click here.


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