Total travel solution facilitates education

ATPI Corporate Travel provides business travel solutions for all industries and organisations, including the government. Amid this broad playing field, some distinct specialisms have emerged. Areas in which ATPI Corporate Travel have acquired a prominent position with their understanding and experience of them. In addition to sectors such as government, marine and offshore industry, media and the world of fashion and clothing, ATPI Corporate Travel has also built up a sound reputation among universities. Efficiency in administrative procedures, cost control and optimum user friendliness stand out here.

Unique of its kind
Universities occupy a unique position in society. In addition to their role as educational institutions, scientific research plays at least as important a role. Universities often have more than 10,000 employees and students. Spread over different faculties, university services and research institutes. Professors and students travel all over the world. For research purposes, exchange programmes as well as to attend conferences, seminars and one-to-one meetings.

Optimising business travel
Booking this business travel is not always equally streamlined.  It is often booked with a large number of different travel organisations. The working method is always different and there are no key arrangements with suppliers and therefore the opportunity for obtaining a better price is not used as much as it could be.  There is no uniformity or discussion of an optimum booking process and the information on travel patterns within the organisation is not transparent. The result of this is that there is a lack of understanding of the total travel expenses, travel patterns, numbers of journeys and it is consequently difficult to manage and control.

Existing terms and conditions
Cooperating with one ‘Travel Management Company’ (TMC) is the answer. Together we work on a travel solution appropriate to the relevant educational institution, as a result of which business travel is purchased in a heavily decentralised way and there is a large number of departments, sections and employees. With respect for the existing values and corporate culture, ATPI Corporate Travel facilitates an appropriate solution for booking business travel.

Good communication
Due to the size of an organisation such as a university, the large number of users and their diversity in terms of the wishes and needs of employees, consolidation and centralisation of business travel under one travel supplier is an intensive and extensive process. Communication with the different faculties and university services is extremely important. Translating the collective benefits of central booking with one TMC plays a crucial role in the success of this process. ATPI Corporate Travel recognises the complexity of the culture and organisational structure of a university.

We have now gained a lot of experience in successfully implementing similar institutions and we book a lot of business travel relating to education on a daily basis. We would be delighted to cooperate with you on this as well!

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