American Express Business Travel Account

The American Express Business Travel Account (BTA) is ideal for easy management of your flight/train tickets and hotel reservation costs. It is an account centrally invoiced and paid at ATPI Corporate Travel, where all your travel costs are combined for you on a single central account statement. You’ll see the benefits below:

  • Cost-savings through deferred payment and efficient management.
  • Understanding and control of your travel costs through a flexible account statement.
  • Help, security and convenience through a simple declaration process and accident insurance for travellers. 
  • There are no costs associated with setting up a Business Travel Account at ATPI Corporate Travel.
  • Because it is a consolidated file with detailed data, you’ll save on processing invoices.

Click here to download the factsheet.

Want a clearer understanding of how your BTA works with BTAConnect? 
ATPI Corporate Travel offers “BTAConnect”, the latest service from American Express, as a complement to the existing service.

BTAConnect makes it possible to communicate through a single network with ATPI Corporate Travel and American Express Customer Service. We have briefly summarised the benefits of BTAConnect below:

  • You can adjust your data display to your specific requirements.
  • Extra on-line data fields, e.g. cost centre numbers.
  • Quick and easy to export data, as a result of which you can simply send your information to other departments.  
  • A single network for you, the American Express Customer Service and your business travel agency so that queries about transactions can be securely managed on-line.

Click here to download the factsheet from BTAConnect.

Contact one of the account managers if you wish to open a BTA account or if you want to upgrade your existing BTA account to BTAConnect.