Full service of self-service

With ATPI Corporate Travel, you personally select your booking method. Let us explain it briefly: do you often book ordinary tickets? Then choose ATP Online. With this online booking system, you search for and book your trip yourself in three stages. Compare real-time prices and see the availability of all flights immediately. You’ll see at a glance on-screen the fares and price differences of all flights. Even those of the low-cost carriers. That makes it easy to save. Hotels and rental cars can also be arranged here of course. So visit www.atp.nl/atponline.

For more complex travel itineraries

Do you often have to deal with intricate travel patterns? Then full service will be your natural choice. Particularly if you know what savings smart ticketing can offer you. You then book your travel at one of our national offices by telephone or e-mail. But if you also want to outsource the organisation of business travel entirely and are on the lookout for total solutions, ATPI Corporate Travel’s full service is the answer. Personal, economical, comfortable.