ATPI Corporate Travel is ISO-certified. This quality assurance says a lot about the services we provide. At least as much as our consideration of the environment and the accompanying ISO 14001 environmental management certification. If required, we facilitate CO2 compensation on all your flights. Let us together make responsible choices in your travel and environmental policy. We also, of course, offer advice on cleaner travel. Think about the train or A-label rental car. In the following document, you can see how together we can make conscious choices when travelling on business.

Conscious Choices in Business Travel

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a broad concept. At ATPI, it is not just the environment that comes under the CSR policy. A great deal of consideration is also given to a healthy and social living and working environment. Internal and independent external professionals regularly measure the environmental management system. ATPI is therefore making continual efforts to improve. Read more about our three CSR pillars.

CSR Guide