ATPI Analytics™: Manage Your Organisations Travel Data

Global business travel programme data

Gain valuable and actionable insights from your travel data to deliver profitable and measurable decisions that support your business performance.

ATPI Analytics™ is invaluable to organisations wanting more than just an overview of travel spend. The dynamic platform brings a whole new level of analysis, insight and value to existing data stores. With a clean, simple, and straightforward user interface you can effectively focus on what is driving your travel program behaviours.

ATPI Analytics™ allows both pre and post trip data analysis ensuring proactive cost controls prior to the business journey and insightful travel pattern analysis post trip.

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The benefits of using ATPI Analytics™

  • An end to the reliance on static data reports
  • Drill down capabilities giving you instant insights to make better, timelier decisions and convert data into true actionable intelligence
  • Easier analysis of travel data trends, making it useful for business planning and forecasting
  • Intuitive and visual approach to data analysis, simple to search and interrogate your data without waiting for reports to be produced
  • All travel related data in one single platform:
    • Pre-trip information to get full transparency and control before travel is undertaken
    • Post-trip information, providing you with the invoiced data you need to analyse your spend
  • Benchmarking of your industry peers to help you better measure your travel performance
  • Create personalised bookmarks ensuring quick and easy reporting on your key metrics
  • Easy collaboration with colleagues, delivering the critical intelligence needed to identify savings
  • Full flexibility in the set-up of your data monitor, with optimal data security
  • Option to custom build

Why use ATPI Corporate Travel?

We are global leaders in travel management, focused on delivering value driven specialist travel solutions. With over 1,600 business customers, including household names and major industrial players alike. We operate from over 100 offices worldwide, expanding to locations where our clients need us to be.

Our proven entrepreneurial spirit combined with unparalleled value and service to meet the evolving, unique and individual needs of our clients. Ensures you can focus on your operations knowing our staff will be there to support.

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