Meeting Management

Meeting management

Searching for and booking accommodation for conferences, training sessions and other meetings at external venues: a full-time job for a lot of organisations, not to mention the costs. ATPI Corporate Events offer a total solution here: meeting management. With this you get a better understanding of the costs of the external meetings and conferences.

ATPI Corporate Events takes care of the bookings, takes over your invoicing and handling and provides valuable management information that helps you understand where you can make savings. And because ATPI Corporate Events has a strong buying position in conference and hotel accommodation, you also benefit from keen buying rates. 

Meeting management stands for:

  • advice on and setting up your meeting management policy
  • Monitoring implementation of the policy
  • Streamlining your enquiries
  • Taking care of your bookings
  • Standardising your purchase agreements
  • Conducting purchasing negotiations with venues for purchasing benefits
  • Generating important management information
  • Handling financial administration and invoicing
  • Standardisation combined with personal service
  • Independence: ATPI Corporate Events is not affiliated to accommodation providers
  • Proven buying power around the current network in the hotel and meetings industry.

 The benefits to you

  • Saves time: ATP takes all the work off your hands. Optimum efficiency and control using an online booking tool;
  • Economies of scale: substantial savings are made with ATP’s experienced buying specialists and the standardised purchase agreements.
  • Expertise: ATP as an expert is in an excellent position to advise on venues and the compliance of your meeting policy;
  • Efficiency: ATP takes over the entire financial settlement and invoicing so that you have no administrative worries;
  • Understanding: full understanding of all spending so that targeted savings can be made.  

Want to know more?

Want to know how the meeting management solution can also make your organisation much more efficient in terms of time and money? Then contact us via

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