“Excellent response to an unforeseen start (plane diverted to another airport). Professionally handled and programme creatively adjusted!”

Bouwend Nederland
“It was well-organised and everything was taken into account, including adjustments on the spot where necessary.”

Telecoms company
“I’ve been highly critical, but I do think ATPI should be complimented, as they're always open to suggestions. We really do work together. I'm also proud of the events we've worked on together. My approach is always ‘moving forward together'; after all it's a partnership. Sometimes I feel more as if I'm working for ATPI than for my own company during an event, which is a real achievement for them. They have a very open approach. It allows you to build the future together. I'm 100% supportive of my partner, because of my collaborative spirit. I always look forward to working with them. They give me the opportunity to collaborate on several projects at the same time. We're really building a partnership.”

IT company
“Getting the most from the journey within the available budget. I'm really pleased with the collaboration with both the Account Manager and the Project Manager. They're flexible and really customer-focused. They pick up on all the details.”

Software company
“What I particularly liked was the question of whether incentive trips, which we'd always done, were still important today. ATPI advised me on this and what I liked about that was their comment that the way we organise them is actually 'over the top', which is no longer done. Incentive trips are very unusual today and that says something about us. We've got a big one planned for this year, like last year. ATPI are helping us plan it, and not just from a sales point of view. They're reliable and flexible and take a really personal approach.”

Scientific association
“ATPI provide a good service, think creatively alongside colleagues and appreciate that a professional closeness is important for collaboration. They're very good at what they do and that leads to a comfortable discussion whenever we have a requirement. They never say no.”

Fashion client
“We appreciate how much time ATPI puts into building a personal relationship. That feels good. They invest time and money into that approach. We know what we can expect of each other. They act as more of an extension to our in-house department than an external partner.”

Telecoms company
“Particularly pleased with the lengths they've gone to to provide for our incentive event in recent years. An enormous group of colleagues on the road together. They're really good at that. A huge achievement! We like the way they inspire and challenge us towards 'out of the box' thinking. But they also respect our views when we say something can’t be done. We have a good understanding within our customer-supplier relationship. Anything we're unhappy with is discussed openly, but that's very rare.”

Insurance firm
“One of our customers wanted to copy the trip we made last year. ATPI agreed to organise it and I carried it out. I'd definitely recommend them. We got an average score of 9.2 from our customers in recognition of that trip. That's a result of working together. We had a good response to the Olympic Games too, from 8.6 to 9.” The collaboration is just fantastic. ATPI has done some good work on the other individual incentives too.”