Group Sales Information

After initiating a contract with ATPI for Austria, Germany, UK and USA, Emarsys have now agreed to expand our partnership to additional locations in France, Hong Kong, Hungary, Russia, Turkey and UAE.

Our excellent performance in the Netherlands, UK and Poland have led Endologix to expand their business with ATPI to Germany, Spain, Italy and Australia.

ATPI Hong Kong has been successful in signing up a number of new clients; Aldi CR-Support, Buehler Motor Co, LISCR Far East, ShiFang Holding and Sino-Bridge China to name a few. Also ATPI Norway has had a very successful period, winning 15 clients in 2 months’ time.

ATPI Philippines has been successful in securing the business of a long-term prospect, Bostik along with 2 other new clients, Orbium and Pioneer Life Insurance.

A winning streak in Singapore has secured the business of 6 new clients in both the corporate sector and the shipping sector. Biggest ones being Jobson Asia and TMC Compressors Asia. ATPI in the United Kingdom have won a total number of 9 clients in April and May one of which is Aston Villa FC. Another example of how a strong proposition in Sports leads to excellent business relationships in other areas than the regular business sectors TMC’s usually focus on.

ATPI Netherlands has been successful in signing a stunning number of 27 new clients! Synova, OPRA Optimal Radial Turbines and Cooler Master being the top 3 in volume.

In this section we share the wins for ATPI Locations and the multi-national wins to keep you all appraised of what’s happening on the commercial side. We would welcome your commercial news in the partner locations so we can share this with the rest of the world. Any successes you wish to share, please send them to