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New course on ATPI Academy for Partners

ATPI has become one of today’s leading travel management companies by providing unparalleled service and technology, and this is reflected in our growing, impressive portfolio of clients who continue to use and value our services and those of our partners year in, year out.

Fundamental to these elements are the wonderful people that staff our wholly owned and partner offices. Our people are our greatest asset. It is only with the determination and dedication of our people that we can serve our joint clients better than any other TMC.

As a fast growing company our goals are to increase commercial effectiveness, reinforce our company culture, maximise an individual’s potential while developing professional opportunities.

You may have been with the business and in partnership with ATPI for many years or have recently joined the Group but we all need to remind ourselves of what is important for our clients and to highlight what makes our company unique.

Therefore we have created a new training module on the ATPI Academy which will remind you of our company mission statement, ethos and beliefs: Introduction for Partners to the company

We hope you enjoy this course and find it useful.


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